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Message From Chairman's Desk


Kasturba Vaidyakiya Rahat Mandal (Kasturba Hospital, Valsad) Is not just a Hospital a hospital, but an institution of care and endless faith, for us Patient is just a patient irrespective of social, economical, physical or any race belongings. We care life we treat life we respect life. Our aim is to ensure sentiments of satisfaction and peace consistently, from patient to patient. We continue to do so through our unrelenting efforts to devise processes that revolve around the patient's well-being.

Our doctors are an integral and vital part of our commitment to deliver exceptional care. Their passion to heal and their constant drive toward higher quality outcomes is unmatched. They are thoroughly professional, approachable and always ready to extend a personal touch. They bring their excellence to speed up the patient’s recovery and return to normal life with the least amount of stress.

Here, at Kasturba Hospital, we encourage you to be healthy in mind, body and spirit, all of which are the essence of fitness. Good health has always been a priceless asset, and will continue to remain one as well.

Arjun B. Desai
President / Chairman
Kasturba Vaidyakiya Rahat Mandal