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Social Medical Department

Family Planning Centre is working to promote Government Family Planning Activities. All types of Immunization and Vaccinations like: BCG, Oral Polio, Tetanus, Typhoid A & B, Vitamin-A, Cholera are provided free of cost. Tubectomy & vasectomy operation are done free of cost. Contraceptive pills & protective contraceptives are also issued free of cost daily.

Programmes for inoculation and Vaccination :

  • Vaccination is given on Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 1000 to 1230 hrs.
  • BCG Vaccination is given every Wednesday.
  • Measles Vaccination is given every Monday.
  • Family with two daughters which opts for family planning operation before the age of 35 years will get Rs 5,000/- (five thousand rupees only) and National saving certificate from the government.
  • Family with One daughter which opts for family planning will get Rs 6,000/-.
  • Family planning Operations are done free of charge. Those who go for family planning gets Rs 410 or Rs 760 as per their caste.
  • Nirodh (Condoms) and Oral Pills are distributed free of charge.
  • IUCD (cu T) is inserted free of charge.